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Health and Human Services


Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, or AIDS, is the last stage of the HIV, or Human Immunodeficiency Virus.


AIDS Services Foundation, Orange County, helps more than 1,500 men, women, children, and families in Orange County living with HIV disease.


AIDS Services Foundation, Orange County, is located in Irvine at 17982 Skypark Circle, Suite J, Irvine CA  92614.  You may contact them at (949) 809-5700,  Once again, that number is (949) 809-5700, or visit their website at www.ocasf.org 

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is a volunteer organization whose mission is to help provide life-saving and survival necessities to those in need. The organization offers food, housing, and clothing,  to disaster survivors, helps feed and clothe needful or homeless citizens, and organizes blood and organ drives to help assist local health organizations. They are always looking for gifts of  food and clothing, blood, and volunteers, to help them in their quest. For more information, or to find out when their next blood drive will occur, contact their Orange County Chapter Office located at 601 N Golden Circle Drive, or call them at (714) 481-5300,  or visit their website at www.oc-redcross.org 

Blood Donations

Contact the American Red Cross for blood donation information at (800) GIVE LIFE.

There are several donor sites located in Orange County, including one in Laguna Hills at  Laguna Hills Donor Center, 22971 Mill Creek Drive, Laguna Hills,  CA  92653, (cross street:  Lake Forest Drive).  For information on other donor sites, contact the American Red Cross Orange County Chapter Office at (714) 481-5300,  or visit their website www.oc-redcross.org 

Community Hospitals

Currently, there are two hosptials located in the City of Irvine, and several hospitals that may serve our citizens' medical needs located in surrounding areas of Orange County:

Families Forward

Families Forward is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation based in Irvine.  Since 1984, this agency has helped families in need achieve and maintain self-sufficiency through housing, counseling, education and other support services.


Five primary programs support families at any point in their crisis:

  • Homeless Prevention Program
  • Homeless Intervention Program
  • Reach for Success
  • Career Coaching
  • Community Partners Program

Families Forward is located at 8 Thomas, Irvine, CA  92618. 


For more information, call (949) 552-2727,  Once again, that number is (949) 552-2727,or visit their website at www.families-forward.org w w w dot families dash forward dot org

Food Safety

The  U. S. Food and Drug Administration has created the 4 C's of Food Safety:

  • Clean - be sure to wash hands and surfaces often to kill bacteria that can make you sick. Also, clean your produce to combat bacteria too.
  • Cook - be sure to cook meats at the proper temperature
  • Combat Cross-Contamination -  separate raw meats from other foods, use two cutting boards one for meats the other for fruits and vegetables.
  • Chill - keep perishable foods in the refrigerator, keep refrigerator no high than 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

The U. S. Food and Drug Administration is a scientific, regulatory, and public health agency.  To contact the U. S. Food and Drug Administration regarding food safety issues, call 1-888-463-6332,  Once again, the number to call is 1-888-463-6332, or visit their website at  www.fda.gov. 

FOR Families

FOR Families is a family support program that provides free information and short-term support to individuals, couples and families living or working in Irvine who need assistance identifying and accessing needed services and resources. Issues addressed include: relationship difficulties, parenting issues, stress, depression, anxiety, substance abuse concerns, family violence, financial and legal issues, neighbor disputes and more.

Confidential consultations are scheduled with individuals and appropriate family members or others involved. Outside referrals are provided as appropriate.

Hours of operation are Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m.to 5 p.m. and alternate Fridays.

For more information, contact FOR Families at (949) 724-6650, or visit their website at  www.irvineforfamilies.org.

Health Department - General Information

The County of Orange, Health Care Agency,  performs a variety of public health, medical, behavioral, and regulatory functions that promote and protect the health of the general public.

To contact the County of Orange, Health Care Agency call (714) 834-4722,   or for more information, visit their website at  www.ochealthinfo.com 

Immunizations and Vaccinations

The County of Orange, Health Care Agency, provides a variety of public health, medical, behavioral, and regulatory functions that promote and protect the health of the general public.


For information regarding Immunizations and Vaccinations, contact the County of Orange, Health Care Agency at (714) 834-8444.  Once again, that number is (714) 834-8444.  For more information, visit their website at www.ochealthinfo.com 

Smoking Ordinance

The New Statewide Smoke-free Entryway Law (AB 846), amends California Government Code Sections 7596-7598, to prohibit smoking within 20 feet of a main entrance, exit, and operable window of all public buildings (buildings owned and occupied, or leased and occupied by the state, county, or city) as well as buildings on the campuses of the University of California (UC), California State University (CSU), and California community colleges, effective January 1, 2004.  For the law to be effective, a sign must be posted describing the no smoking prohibition.

Section 7596(a) of the law defines a public building as "...a building owned and occupied, or leased and occupied by the state, a county, a city, a city and county, or a California community college district." The law applies to all state, county, and city government buildings.  The new law does NOT apply to privately owned buildings unless they are leased or occupied by a state, county, or city agency.

For more information regarding Smoking and Tobacco Laws that affect Orange County,  contact the County of Orange, Health Care Agency, at (714) 834-4722, or visit their website at   http://www.ochealthinfo.com/tupp 


West Nile: What is the West Nile Virus?

The West Nile Virus is closely related to St. Saint Louis Encephalitis Virus which has been historically found in the United States including Orange County.  West Nile Virus has been known from parts of Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, and The Middle East for many years.  The virus was first detected in the United States in 1999  in New York City.  West Nile Virus is transmitted by infective mosquitoes and can infect humans, birds, horses, and many other animals.

A mosquito acquires the virus by biting an infected bird.  The virus then multiplies in the mosquito.  It is transmitted to a new host in the mosquito's saliva when it feeds again on a person or an animal.  Humans and horses are "accidental hosts" for West Nile Virus, and cannot pass on the infection to another mosquito.  There are records of transmission through blood transfusion and organ transplants but human-to-human transmission is extremely rare.

Since 1999, West Nile Virus has spread remarkably fast; by late summer of 2003, Imperial, Riverside, Los Angeles and Orange Counties were reporting infected birds and mosquitoes.  By the end of 2003, 46 states had reported West Nile Virus activity.  In March of 2004, evidence of recent transmission was found in birds from Orange County.

Many Animals can be bitten by an infected mosquito, but they won't all become ill; some may show no symptoms.  West Nile Virus most often affects birds, but occasionally causes disease in other animals as well.

Wild birds are the reservoirs for West Nile Virus; while most infected birds will not become ill, for some others, the virus can cause serious illness and death.  Birds of prey, and crows, ravens, jays, and magpies are seriously threatened by West Nile Virus.  The virus does not appear to cause extensive illness in dogs or cats.

Horses are extremely susceptible to West Nile Virus.  Clinical signs of disease consist of central nervous system abnormalities similar to those caused by infection with Eastern Equine Encephalitis and Western Equine Encephalitis.  West Nile vaccines are now available for horses.

Most people who are infected with West Nile Virus experience no symptoms.  Symptoms of mild illness may include one or more of the following:  unusual fatigue, malaise, fever, headache, and body aches, a skin rash on the trunk of the body, and / or swollen lymph nodes.  These symptoms generally last a few days.  In severe cases, the disease may progress to encephalitis.  Symptoms may include high fever, headache, neck stiffness, disorientation, coma, tremors, and paralysis.  Symptoms may last several weeks, and neurological effects may be permanent.  It is estimated that 1 in 150 people who are infected with West Nile Virus will require hospitalization.  Those most at risk are the elderly and those who have weakened immune systems.

The time between the mosquito bite and the onset of the illness, known as the incubation period, ranges from 3 to 15 days in humans.

The Orange County Vector Control District (OCVCD)  routinely surveys for mosquito-bourne diseases such as West Nile Virus, and other viruses.  OCVCD's wild bird surveillance program is an excellent early warning system which allowed the District to detect evidence of virus activity before there were any human cases.  Dozens of finches and sparrows are bled every two weeks and released.  Their blood is tested for antibodies to these viruses.  Adult mosquitoes are routinely trapped, counted, and tested for these viruses.

OCVCD's Staff  controls mosquito breeding on acres of public and private land throughout the County.  The District works closely with the California Department of Health Services, The University of California, Davis, Mosquito and Vector Control Association of California and The Orange County Health Care Agency.

To report a West Nile Virus Medical Emergency, please call 911

For non-emergency medical questions regarding West Nile Virus, please contact your Primary Care Physician.

For West Nile Virus general information, please vist the website the following websites:  Center for Disease Control at: www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dvbid/westnile/index.htm or the California Department of Health Services at: www.westnile.ca.gov

For mosquito problems or general questions, please call the Orange County Vector Control District at: (714) 971-2421, or (949) 654-2421,  or visit their website at: www.ocvcd.org 

To report dead birds, please call the Orange County Vector Control District at: (714) 971-2421, or (949) 654-2421 ext. 117

To report West Nile Virus in horses, please contact your local veterinarian and the CDFA Animal Health Branch at: (916) 654-1447 or visit their website at: www.cdfa.ca.gov/ahfss/ah/wnv_info.htm

For further information, contact the Orange County Vector Control District, located at 13001 Garden Grove Blvd, Garden Grove,  CA  92843.  at (714) 971-2421,  visit their website at www.ocvcd.org 

Women's Shelter

If you are a victim of Domestic Violence and require the use of a shelter please call  9-1-1 and report the incident to the police. The officer can arrange for shelter services and children are allowed. The officer can also arrange to have an Emergency Protective Order issued. Please do not hesitate, call  9-1-1 immediately!

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