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Fire Services

Fire Department - General Information

The City of Irvine contracts for Fire and EMS  services with the Orange County Fire Authority. Contact them at (714) 573-6000, or visit their website at www.ocfa.org

Fire Lane Parking Violations
Parking in designated fire lanes or in front of fire hydrants in the City of Irvine is strictly prohibited. Fire lanes and hydrants are considered part of the fire protection system of any building. They are designed to allow unobstructed fire apparatus access at all times to the building in the event of a fire or a medical emergency. Whenever a fire lane is blocked, the safety of that building and its occupants are in jeopardy. Fire lane curbs are marked red in order to define their limits. If you are found parked in front of a red curb, your car will be ticketed, towed, or both. To report a violation, contact the Irvine Police Department at (949)724-7200.

Fireworks Regulations

Fireworks cannot be sold in the City of Irvine. Per Irvine Municipal Code fireworks offered for sale can be seized and destroyed at the owners expense. Section 4-4-113 of the Irvine Municipal Code is outlined below:

Sec. 4-4-113. Seizure of fireworks.

The Fire Chief or Director of Public Safety shall cause to be seized, taken, or removed at the expense of the owner all stocks of fireworks offered or exposed for sale, and all fireworks stored or held in violation of the City Code. For the purpose of this section, "fireworks" shall be defined in the same manner as defined in section 7802.3 of the Uniform Fire Code, as adopted by the City pursuant to section 5-9-305 of the Code.
(Code 1976, § IV.D-111; Ord. No. 93-5, § 1, 5-25-93)

I have a question on Fire Sprinklers
To obtain information on fire sprinklers, contact the Orange County Fire Authority at (949) 724-6512. 

Reporting Fire Hazards
If you spot a potential fire hazard, such as a downed power line, a leaking fire hydrant, dry and crackling brush, or a leaking fuel tank, please call  9-1-1. All potential fire hazards will be investigated by the Orange County Fire Authority and the Irvine Police Department. When you call, be prepared to disclose the exact nature and location of the hazard so that the department can remedy the situation quickly and effectively.

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