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Irvine Voters - Error on Ballot Instructions!


On Friday, October 8, 2004, Orange County Superior Court Judge Cramin granted the City of Irvine's request for a court order to correct a mistake on voting instructions made by the City of Irvine on the November 2 election materials for the "Office of Irvine City Council."

The court order calls for the Orange County Registrar to re-program electronic ballot machines with the correct instructions to allow voters who vote at polling sites to cast votes for “no more than three” candidates for the Irvine City Council contest.  Simultaneously, the Orange County Registrar’s Office is preparing a Supplemental Absentee Ballot for distribution next week to Irvine’s 24,000 registered absentee voters.

If You Are An Absentee Ballot Voter...

You have already received (or will receive) your Official Absentee Ballot for all Federal, State, local election contests and Propositions.  Vote the regular Absentee Ballot, according to its instructions. Due to our error, this ballot will record your vote for the "Office of Irvine Mayor" but it will not record your vote for "Office of Irvine City Council."  

You will receive, by the end of this week, a Supplemental Ballot to vote just for the “Office of Irvine City Council.”  Vote as instructed on this ballot, for “no more than three (3)” candidates.  THIS VOTE WILL BE COUNTED. 

Both your regular Absentee Ballot and your Supplemental Ballot must be returned separately in the separate envelopes provided by the Registrar. Ballots must reach the Registrar by November 2 at 8 pm.

If You Plan to Vote at a Polling Location...

If you are planning to vote at a polling location on or before November 2, ballot instructions at the polling locations will correctly instruct that you may cast "no more than three (3)" votes for the “Office of Irvine City Council.”    

The City is launching a major public information effort to ensure that all Irvine voters have the correct voting instructions.  Irvine voters, as early as Tuesday, will receive postcards from the City detailing that they may cast “no more than three" votes for the Office of Irvine City Council. 

For more information, residents can call the Irvine Election Instructions Hotline at (949) 724-6272.

Click here for a copy of the information flier (English, Chinese, Farsi, Korean)

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