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Fires in Business


Here are a few tips to prevent a fire tragedy in the workplace.  

  • Know the fire escape routes and how to activate the fire alarm 
  • Take part and practice fire drills 
  • Become familiar with stairway exits
  • Address numbers should be large enough to be visible from the street
  • Don’t exceed the occupancy load of the room
  • Fire exits can not be blocked or locked during business hours
  • Exit paths must be lighted
  • Exit signs must be clearly visible
  • Make sure to have the proper type of fire extinguisher
  • Train employees on how to use a fire extinguisher
  • Fire alarm procedures and Emergency Evacuation Plans are required with special procedures for physically impaired employees
  • Alarm systems must be either voice communication or sound signals such as bells, whistles or horns
  • Evacuation training is required so employees know how to exit in a safe manner
  • Have a fire prevention plan that includes potential fire hazards, fire control procedures, housekeeping measures, training of employees and maintenance of fire extinguishers
  • Periodically back up business records and store them in a fireproof safe
  • Have seasonal insurance check-ups to make sure you are covered adequately