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Mountain Lion

The City of Irvine’s Animal Services Field Enforcement team would like to share with you some basic mountain lion safety tips.

Mountain Lion Safety Tips
  • Do not hike alone; go in groups with adults supervising children.
  • Do not run; that might stimulate a lion’s instinct to chase.
  • Instead, stand and face the animal, make eye contact.
  • Pick up young children, without bending or turning from the lion if possible.
  • Do not crouch down or bend over; you might appear like ordinary four-legged prey to the lion instead of a human.
  • Do all you can to appear larger by raising your arms, opening your jacket, throwing stones and branches.
  • Fight back if attacked. Mountains lions have been repelled with rocks, sticks, garden tools and bare hands.
  • Remove dense and low-lying vegetation that provide good hiding places for mountain lions.
  • Install motion-sensitive outdoor lighting.
  • Keep pets from roaming, and don’t feed pets outside.

Source: Calif. Dept. of Fish and Game. Compiled by News Researcher Michael Doss

Report all mountain lion sightings and activities that occur in our city to Irvine Animal Services (949) 724-7092 or the Irvine Police Communications at (949) 724-7200. All other reports should be made to the Calif. Dept. or Fish & Game and/or the local Animal Control/Police Agency in your area.