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Living With Wildlife

How sweet it is to be a good neighbor with native wildlife.

As Irvine becomes more urbanized, the human population has infringed on those areas where native wildlife has prospered for generations.Many residents of Irvine have seen area wildlife such as coyotes, raccoons, opossums or skunks in their neighborhood.Even areas which have been inhabited by humans for 20 or 30 years are visited by “urbanized” animals.Here are some humane suggestions on how you can curtail unwanted visits from pesky wildlife:



Feed pets inside or promptly remove feeding dishes after feeding them outdoors.

Store bags of pet food in animal proof containers and areas.

Keep trash in sturdy containers with tight-fitting lids.Put trash our the morning of pickup.

Clear brush, dense growth, and excess debris from your yard to discourage nesting and hiding places.

Fence yards to keep wild animals out and pets in.

Keep small children under close adult supervision at all times.


Leave any type of food or water out for wildlife.

Make friends with wild animals by trying to capture them, give medical assistance, or handle them in any way.

Leave plastic bags out filled with trash or put trash out the night before trash pick-up day.

Allow pets to run loose at any time.They are easy prey for coyotes when not controlled by a leash and under your immediate supervision.

Fail to report unusual occurrences or encounters with wildlife to Animal Control.

With everyone’s cooperation, these suggestions should be helpful for residents who are currently experiencing a wildlife.

Call Irvine Animal Services - Field Patrol at (714) 724-7092 to report sick or injured animals, problem wildlife, or to learn what more you can do to peacefully co-exist with our wild neighbors.