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Pet Care Tips for Cold Weather

During this busy time of year we often forget about the change in temperature and how it may affect our furry friends. The following is a list of pointers to help you and your pets enjoy the winter season!

  1. The most important consideration for preparing your pet for winter is nutrition. Outdoor pets require more calories in winter to generate enough energy to cope with the cold. Make sure your pet food is on a high quality balanced diet. In addition to a healthy diet, fresh water should always be available to your pet.
  2. Do not leave your pet outdoors after exercise. Dry your dog off and bring it indoors to get warm.
  3. Make sure outdoor pets have adequate housing. The shelter should be kept clean, dry and elevated off the ground. The housing should also be of a size to preserve body heat.
  4. ANTIFREEZE is extremely toxic to pets. Store antifreeze up and out of reach of pets AND children. If you suspect your pet has swallowed antifreeze, do not hesitate to take your pet to the veterinarian.
  5. Secure garbage bags and trash can lids. Dogs (and cats) ingest leftovers and decorations which can cause blockage or intestinal troubles.
  6. POINSETTIAS, HOLLY AND MISTLETOE are also toxic. Keep them away from pets.
  7. Keep alcohol away from pets. Alcohol even in small amounts can be toxic and could result in coma.
  8. Anitcipate guests arriving at your home and confine your dog to prevent accidental escape through an open door.
  9. Tuck electrical cords away. Puppies and kittens can chew on these.
  10. FOOD is the number one hazard during the holidays. Do not feed your pet bones, especially turkey or chicken. They splinter easily and can cause choking. Also, do not feed your dog chocolate, it is also toxic and can have serious consequences including death. If you put out food for guests put your pet away to be safe!

Most of all, enjoy this busy and cold time of year with your pets. They are a part of the family,too!

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