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Success Stories

Happy Tails Ever After!


Hi everybody, Bodhi here checking in. What a great first day I had with my new family! They brushed me, took me on a long walk and bought me lots of toys! When I sit and shake they give me yummy treats. They also like to rub my belly and ears and guess what? I got to sleep on their wonderful king sized bed with them, even had a nice fan keeping me cool. They have a nice yard and as you can see from the picture, I picked out my favorite chair. I can't stop wagging my tail, I'm so happy!

I'm going to the vet on Thursday for a checkup and there's also a bath in my near future.Thanks for taking such good care of me until my new family adopted me. I'll be sure to keep in touch.

Bodhi Barich

I just wanted to send you a “thank you” to tell you what a great dog we have!  Visiting your shelter in December was a spontaneous decision for my husband and me but it has turned out to be our favorite Christmas present.  We found your shelter to be an inviting and comfortable place with volunteers who obviously loved all the animals.  We met several dogs who all seemed nice, but weren’t a fit for us, and our volunteer was very patient and helpful.  I happened to see Cora in her kennel, just looking up at me from her blanket on the floor, as we walked around the dog area.  The 30 minutes we spent getting to know her helped us decide to adopt her, but only gave us a small glimpse of her wonderful personality.

She is fun-loving, playful, silly, and a true charmer.  Her tail never stops wagging, except when she spots a cat that she wants to chase, and she loves to greet new friends with a complete foot washing.  She wants to be close to us, wherever we are, and she is currently cuddled next to me on her blanket.  I wouldn’t have planned to adopt a 6-year-old dog, but it was the best decision.  She came totally potty trained, she doesn’t chew, she’s calm in the house, but loves to go on walks, and she sleeps through the night in her bed on our bedroom floor.  She follows us to the door when we leave in the morning and greets us at the door when we get home at night.  And if she hasn’t seen us in awhile, we will suddenly hear her snuffling to locate our scent on the floor to track us down.   She is a fantastic dog and I can’t imagine our lives without her. 

Thanks for rescuing her so that we could adopt her!  I’ve attached a picture of her taking a nap, which may be her favorite past time.


We adopted "Papa" from the shelter in January.  I wanted to let you know he is doing great!  He is loved so much and he is my adopted "son."  He absolutely loves kids (even more than adults!) and has even found a new best friend--our cat "Nacho."  They play and cuddle all day long.  Who knew a cat and rabbit could get along?  But they do.  I have attached a picture to share!  The staff at the animal shelter was so helpful and nice.  They made it such a memorable experience that I will never forget.  I would definitely recommend to everybody to adopt from the Irvine Animal Shelter.  The rabbit habitat was amazing and the rabbits are so well taken care of.  I am so thankful to you guys for taking care of "Papa" and making him the sweet boy he is.


Remember me? When I came in to the IACC in April, my name was Talia, but my new family changed my name to Phoebe to reflect my bright, spirited nature!  I just wanted to send an update on my progress since being adopted a few months ago.  As you can see by my pictures, I have become quite fluffy and healthy!  I only weighed 5 pounds when I was adopted, and my fur was so badly matted it all had to be shaved off.  I now tip the scales at nearly 8 pounds, and my fur is finally coming back in too.  I guess I must look good because my mom is always telling me how beautiful I am!

Anyway, my mom and dad say that I am the perfect addition to their home, providing them with lots of love, kisses and laughter. I love to play with my toys, wrestle with my kitty sister, fetch, sit, and I have even learned how to roll over!  Soon I’ll begin training with the Delta Society so I can share my love and energy with humans who need a little extra TLC, just like I did when I first came in to the IACC.

So that’s my update! Thanks for matching me with my forever family; they give me lots of love and treats, and keep me safe. I am really grateful for everyone at the IACC for saving my life.

(Owners: David & Andrea Galante)

We just wanted to drop a line to all of you and say "Thank you!" for connecting us with our kitten. His name was Whiskey at the shelter, but we renamed him Moyer, since that's a special name for us. We were so impressed by how well he adapted to his new surroundings and how quickly he learned where his litter box was -- we've never had any problems with accidents. He's such a playful and outgoing cat.  We love that he's interested and excited to see visitors rather than hiding from them or scratching them. 

We're newlyweds and adopted Moyer about three weeks after we got married, so he was around when we received some of the registry gifts from family and friends. He absolutely adored the boxes and packing paper that came with the gifts, so it was like two presents in one (though we had to keep the styrofoam pellets away from him)! One family friend sent us a gift from Target that came in a big red fabric bag with fabric ribbons. That bag is now Moyer's.  We put a ball in there and he runs in to play or he tackles the bag itself and bats it around. He also loves the ribbons and has thoroughly chewed them as he's gone through his teething phase. We've attached a picture of him with his red bag, taken about a month after we adopted him.

We also want to say thank you for the nail-clipping service you offer! He doesn't always sit still for us for very long, so we can only do a couple nails at a time. Being able to bring him in when the nails get really long is a great help for us -- and he likes it because then his nails don't snag on the rug when he plays. Thank you again taking such good care of him while he was at the shelter. We really appreciate all the work you do and the great center you run! 

Shannon, Ben, and Moyer

I adopted Willow, previously Karen, in June of 2010 (this year). I cannot express what a joy she is and a wonderful companion. She recently graduated from beginning training at Petsmart. Our new goal is to pass therapy dog training. We intend on coming to the fundraiser on the 25th, but I wanted to send you pictures and express my absolute gratitude for making our lives better. Sometimes I am not sure who saved who.

Rachel Schiff

About one year ago I lost my elderly 16-year-old grey cat and came to your shelter to find a new friend for my other two cats at home.  I found a lovely orange long hair you had named Rosso.  I took that little man home, renamed him Simon and he is a love!!!  The three cats get along so well.  He is a blessing!!!  He had a little brother there, I hope he found a nice home too.  Enclosed find two pictures: the day I brought him home and the picture I took Aug. 21.  He is  about 1 year and 3 months old.  What a beauty!!  Keep up the good work. I tell all my friends about your shelter!!

Laurie Holifield

Success Story VincentLast July we decided that we were ready for a pet, and because my husband has cat allergies, we came to your shelter to look for a "house rabbit." As we looked around, all the rabbit volunteers told us how in love they were with Vincent, a small rabbit who had been found abandoned in a city park. We were told that he was in bad shape when the park worker found him--he had scabies, mange and was severely emaciated--but after months of amazing care at your shelter, he was a healthy, friendly, perfectly litter box-trained bunny ready for a forever home. And sure enough, after we spent an hour getting to know him in one or your rabbit exercise pens, we were as charmed by Vincent as the shelter staff.
Success Story Vincent
We took Vincent home in early July and couldn't believe how quickly he made himself comfortable--racing laps around the living room and up and down the stairs, doing little rabbit "kick flips" (or "binkies" as some call them) when he felt frisky and joyful, pawing our legs to let us know when he wanted to be pet, hopping in circles to beg for a treat of dried pineapple, or just taking a peaceful nap in the "bunny bed" in his doggie crate. Vincent has brought so much happiness and entertainment to our home, and we can't thank you enough for taking such wonderful care of Vincent while he was with you, and for running such an amazing shelter!

Michelle and Samuel

Here is a Chance (aka Ralphie) picture.  I told my second grade class about him today and put his picture up on my overhead projector.  Twenty five second graders went "Ohhhhhhh, he's cute!"  He is a character!  He's very inquisitive and playful; wants to please.  SMART!!!  He picked up the "sit" command quickly.  There's a basic dog obedience class starting this week in the evenings.  We are going to try and get him into it.  Saw my vet today too.  It went well.  I copied him with records you gave me.  Thanks again.  

Take care,